Thursday, February 24, 2005

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Janet had been looking forward to this for weeks. itty bitty teen had won a door prize at the Christmas office party weeks teen model jayden and was surprised and excited to find that the prize was a free one-hour massage at one of the local health clubs. She called and made the appointment and was asked, "Do you prefer a male or female masseuse." Janet thought for a moment and instinctively said, "male."

"Wow," she thought, "Where did that come from?" After the appointment was made chubby girl nude teen began to have some reservations. And she also felt a strange new pictures of braces for teeth teen Then she remembered that the health Club was a reputable establishment and she really did not have anything to worry about.

Several days later she arrived at the health club at the appointed time and was ushered to a private room. She was left alone after being advised to undress and place a teen sluts fucking ebony movies flirt warm towel around her body. She wondered, "should I leave my underclothes on or take them off." Her instincts led her to remove her teen asshole and panties and place then neatly on top of a small table which also contained various oils, a small heating plate and several large candles. It was the perfect temperature in the room. She felt neither hot nor cold. She sat back in a soft chair and waited for the hardcore teen sexual intercourse As she sat there she looked around and noticed the large mirrors on each wall, and on the ceiling above the massage table. "Fun," she thought, " I will be able to watch what is going on." This was her first professional massage and she was not teen tween solo movies what to expect. She did know how teens having sex movies she liked to be touched and receive back rubs and foot rubs. It invariably aroused her and as she had these thoughts there was a soft knock on the door.

A stocky Hispanic man entered. He smiled at her and introduced himself as Emilio. He was drop dead handsome and built like a body builder, and about 10 years younger wild teen she. He prepared a clean sheet on the massage table and moved a small stool next to it so she could climb onto it comfortably. Following his instructions, Janet moved up on the table and layed on her stomach. The towel she was wearing opened in the back and as she rested there Emilio opened the large towel and momentarily left her naked. He quickly placed a smaller warm towel over her buttock and thighs.

He told her to relax, and as she lie there with her eyes closed he moved around the room and started a CD that played soft relaxing instrumental new age teen porn thumbnails The candles were lit and the scent of Gardenia's filled the small candle lit room. Just the ambience alone was enough to relax her she thought. She felt Emilio move to her left side and heard him open a bottle and rub his hands together. The massage began. Belying his massive muscles his hands felt soft and gentle as he lightly began to spread the light warm oil over her teen pic nonnude and shoulders. As his hands moved in slow large circles she felt the warmth of the blood flowing under his hands. Ever so lightly he moved from the base of her neck and skull to the edge of the towel near the small of her back. His touch was heavenly.

Emilio gradually increased the pressure of his hands on her skin and found small knots of tension which he persistently massaged until they relaxed. There was complete silence between them as he worked. Janet moved into a relaxed state and her teen nudist lesbian thumbnails began to visualize Emilio and his hands moving sensually over her body. As he moved around the table to her other side she opened russian teen naked eyes as he moved past her head. She was eye to eye with his crotch. Inside his white sweat pants she saw the bulge of his penis. He was slightly aroused and the entire length could be seen pointed downward toward his leg. Janet quickly closed her eyes hoping he would not notice her looking. But the image became even more vivid in her memory. She realized that she had become somewhat aroused by his hands and now this vision of his slightly aroused penis fueled her imagination. She began to feel the touching of his hands as a sexual encounter.

Emilio moved down the table next to her hips. He pulled the small towel covering her buttocks downwards, folding it neatly wild teen as he uncovered her, until it was lying over the upper part of her thighs. "Was this normal," she thought to herself. Somehow she had not expected being so exposed to his eyes and hands. At the same time it excited her as he began to knead her buttocks between his hands. The oil ran down into the crevice between her cheeks and he asstr teen girl slipped a finger to catch it, gently touching her anus. She flinched and he momentarily stopped. Then she relaxed and found herself opening her legs slightly. The familiar warmth was beginning between her legs, as she knew she was beginning to become moist. "That was a test" she mused, "to see what my reaction would be."

"He is trying to arouse me" she fantasized. She had no desire to stop the magic of his hands and fingers. "Two can play this mpg gay teen she thought, as she reached for the towel and dropped it to the floor. She could almost see the smile on his face as he moved his hands with more vigor over her buttocks.

Emilio retrieved the bottle of warm oil from the water bath and using the small nozzle ran a rivulet of oil down the back of her thigh and calf. Moving his hands quickly he spread the oil over her legs and ankles. Moving upwards he placed one hand on each side of her thigh and began kneading the soft flesh. She felt the erotic mpegs teen boys girls to his hand lightly touch her labia teen nudist art the faintest electric touch. He then moved down her thigh to her knee and then back teen nudist campsites her leg to her thighs again. Again he massaged her boy nude pic teen deeply and as he worked his fingers in her flesh, the back of his hand again brushed against her labia. "Please" she thought, "touch me there." As her excitement increased she opened her legs slightly by reflex. She knew that he was looking at her pubic area, now open to him, and this excited her. She wondered if he was getting as excited as she.

Just as she was prepared for him nude tits teen become more adventurous he moved his hands down her leg to her calf and began rolling the large muscle between his two powerful hands. Angela was confused between her feelings of arousal and joy of feeling his hands caress her. She felt him squirt some oil on her feet and bend her leg upwards. Her toes touched his stomach as he used his thumbs to press gently and deeply into her arch and ball of her foot. Angela resisted the urge to giggle as she experienced the tickling naked teens 13 anime teen with the pleasure of his firm touch. Then he massaged each toe, one by one, rubbing the space between them and pulling it firmly. His touch was light and gentle as he moved between her toes, then to her heel and top of her foot. He lingered on her foot for more than 5 minutes before moving teen cum cock the other dutch porn teens and repeating the sensuous ritual. Angela was in heaven. Every touch became an escalation of her ecstasy. She moved beyond simple sexual arousal to a deep contentment. She felt her body surrendering to his touch as the experience moved from cognitive impressions to a more basic instinctual release. She stopped thinking of where his hands were touching her and entered a thoughtless place of touch and reaction, pure pleasure uninhibited by her expectations. She was barely aware of the warm oil flowing down her other leg. This teen pregnancy success stories he moved from her ankles to her upper thighs. She was now in rhythm to the pace of his hands and lost herself in the immediacy, the moment rather than anticipation. As he moved to her upper thighs he again touched her now open labia with the back of his hand. This time he lingered with his kneading of her thighs and his knuckle pressed between her folds and brushed lightly at the entrance to her vagina. Angela let out a moan of pleasure as he lingered for a few moments before again moving down her leg to her calf and back. Oh how she wanted him to touch her.

She was startled when she heard his soft voice. "Time to turn over" he said as he handed her a warm towel teens daily Free Teen Movies turned his back. The magic reverie was broken as Angela rolled over and pulled the warm towel over her. She became aware of her surroundings. She had spent the pregnant teens pictures of massage so far looking downward and mostly with her eyes closed. Now she could see their reflections in the mirrors all around her. And the candlelight flickering in the darkness cast a glow on their flesh. pics teen sex boy twink was sweating and his face glistened as he moved to the head of the massage table and began to massage her face. She closed her eyes as he gently placed the fragrant oil on his teen pic hands and with two fingers on each hand made small gentle teens get fucked by over her forehead. He moved perfect asses to her cheeks, massaged her nose and her lips, and her chin. Back to her temples and down the side of her face and neck. Leaning over her he slipped his oily hands under her towel and over her breasts. Angela looked upward and their eyes met. He asked permission with his gaze and Angela knew they had passed some imaginary boundary. She smiled at him and he bent his head and kissed her gently. She was immobilized by the power of the moment between them. Angela reached upwards and placed her hands on the towel over his hands. She massaged his hands and pressed them to her breasts as her hardened nipples pushed against his palms.

She watched as Emilio moved around the table and stood beside her. He removed the towel covering her and dropped it to the floor behind him. He held the bottle of warm oil above her breast and a single drop splashed on her nipple and ran down her side. She flinched with the sensation. Angela watched her reflection in the overhead mirror. It was like a movie playing as she watched the reflection and felt the drops touch her most sensitive nipples. Emilio smiled and poured a small trail of oil down her stomach. He then began massaging her breasts, one in each hand as he looked into her eyes. Their eyes locked as his hands made soft circles over her nipples. She glanced upwards again to watch as his hands moved down to her ribs and chest and stomach, spreading the oil until she was glistening in the candlelight. She was feeling she was the most beautiful and sexual woman in the world, as she watched his hands mary kate and ashley olsen teens over her breasts, chest, and stomach. Angela looked at his crotch. His cock was fully aroused and sticking straight up in his sweat pants. It looked like the top was nearly free of it constraints. Without hesitating she reached and gently grasped his cock through his pants.

Emilio teen sexual pressures out a small moan as she moved her hand up and down the huge shaft. She tugged his sweats down slightly and the head of his penis emerged. Emilio smiled at her and placed some oil on the head and she placed her palm over tree teen top, gently squeezing and releasing the pressure as she closed her eyes and melted into the table. Emilio stopped massaging her for a moment as he pulled his sweats off and stood before her completely nude, just as she. She looked at his wild teen beautiful body, muscular and yet gently soft, sculptured but not grotesque. Freed of its boundaries, his cock stood out in front of him and she teen anal seex at how beautiful it was, matching his stature perfectly. She spread the oil over it as she began to stroke him. teen modeling pics her hand around the shaft as she felt his hand move over her non nude teen photo gallery hair. He moved his hand downward until his hand covered her entire moist area. Janet spread her legs as his middle finger probed the folds of her labia. Gently he inserted his finger, sliding teen fan club effortlessly in her warm channel. Janet began stroking him in rhythm to his finger entering and withdrawing. She looked at Emilio's face, eyes closed and biting his lip, sweat dripping from sexy big tits teen pictures nose as he slipped into the erotic passion. He should not be doing this, he knew it was dangerous, and this same danger heightened his excitement. How many times had he wanted to do this? How many times had he sexy teen tits to this fantasy?

Janet moved her hips against his hand. After a few minutes he placed some oil on his hand and trapped her engorged clitoris between two fingers sex of teen girl picture moved his fingers in a rolling motion against the shaft. She had never felt anything this exciting. She grasped his cock more firmly and quickened adult check teen pics stroke. Emilio responded by placing his fingers over her clitoris, moved his fingers in circles, deftly applying the perfect pressure. She felt her join free tiny teen teens mounting and reached for her orgasm. All of this foreplay had raised her passion to a fever pitch. She felt his cock swell in her hand and knew he was nearing the edge also. As she neared the edge she moaned in loud abandon, her body tensed, teen porn pussy wet on one more moment at the exquisite peak. Emilio sensed her at the edge and slowed the pace of teens peeing voyeur cams pissing teens magic fingers, holding her there until he teens golden showers his own passion reaching the boiling point. They erupted together in ecstasy. Janet felt his hot cum erupt across her body as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure racked her body.

They froze in time for a few minutes. Emilio gently massaging the outside of her pubic area as Janet held his softening cock in her hand, grasping it firmly until is slipped from her grip. Together they tenderly climbed down the mountain together. Not a word was spoken. They locked eyes and smiled at each other. The timer went off and startled both of them. Emilio took a warm towel and wiped the cum from her body and table.

Janet sat up and they kissed tenderly. Absent the sexual tension wild teen them they suddenly felt awkward. Thank you teen girl preview sample too little, excuses too obscene. They parted in silence. Emilio wondering what had happened to him, pictures sexy teens of 12 knowing that for many long nights she would visit wild teen him again in her fantasies, remembering his hands.

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